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Natural Turquoise Jasper Multilayered Choker Necklace

Natural Turquoise Jasper Multilayered Choker Necklace

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This wonderful multi-layered choker necklace is beautifully handmade with natural Agate, Imperial Jasper seed beads and water-drop shaped beads.

Total length is 60 cm (23.7 inches).

🌈 Jasper is called “the nurturing stone.” Use jasper to journey into other dimensions with the goal of personal transformation.

It is said to be the Earth Mother speaking to her children, sending messages from the past through its intricate patterns that can be seen in its surface. It can also be used to deal with past-life issues. Placed under the pillow, red jasper assists with dream recall.

  • Feng Shui Uses: Jasper uses wood energy. Place these stones in the eastern area of a room to encourage growth and expansion. Red jasper uses fire energy, the energy of warmth, illumination, and activity, and is traditionally associated with the southern area of a home or room.
  • Personal/Spiritual Growth: Jasper grounds your spiritual practice and encourages you to stretch beyond your comfort zone in spiritual matters. Red jasper helps you clear your mind for prayer or meditation, and it increases focus and endurance during long spiritual ceremonies or practices.



  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Material: Natural Turquoise Jasper


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Forrest Bednar

I got other things to this store and have always been glad of my shop.