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Natural Lapis Lazuli / Amethyst / Labradorite Hexagon Earrings

Natural Lapis Lazuli / Amethyst / Labradorite Hexagon Earrings

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These mystical earrings are beautifully handmade with natural Lapis Lazuli / Lavender Amethyst / Labradorite faceted stones. Pick your favourite one in the drop-down menu above.

Their total length is approximately 4.5cm.

Pick your favourite ones in the drop-down menu!

Lapis Lazuli:

  • Promotes effective communication and harmonious relationships.
  • It helps you acknowledge your talents and gifts.
  • Improves your ability to express yourself.

Lavender Amethyst:

  • Has calming effects, offers protection against stress and negative energy.
  • It is connected to the third-eye chakra which is responsible for intuition, and the crown chakra which controls mental energy
  • Promotes spiritual awareness and forges a connection to the inner self.
  • Offers protection against psychic danger, especially during spiritual exploration.
  • Great for use in meditation practices: it helps ease the transition to a meditative state and encourages focus.


  • Helps to tap into your own limitless potential, allowing you to manifest without boundaries. 


  • Metals Type: Copper
  • Gemstones: Natural Lapis Lazuli / Lavender Amethyst / Labradorite stone.


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