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Natural Turquoise & Amazonite Three Layer Necklace

Natural Turquoise & Amazonite Three Layer Necklace

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This splendid Three Layered Necklace is carefully handmade with Natural Amazonite and Turquoise beads. Lengths: shortest strand about 19.7 inches, middle strand about 22.5 inches, the longest strand about 23.5 inches.

 Amazonite Gemstone Orb Sphere - 40mm [21795] - £16.99 : The Gem Tree,  Gemstone, Jewellery and New Age Items


Being a throat chakra stone, Amazonite also invites you to test out crystal clear communication and to practice putting beautifully healthy boundaries in place. It invites you to move out from the fear of the shadow of judgement and to step into the light. Whatever expectations others place upon you are nowhere near as important as the truth of your own heart.

By tapping into both intellect and intuition, Amazonite is able to bring better clarity and authenticity to the soul. When we become comfortable in our skin and connected to our truest selves, this invites us to take a spiritual leap and to open our minds and hearts to infinite possibility.


How to tell the difference between Turquoise and dyed Howlite | Gem Rock  Auctions

HISTORY: This stone gets its name from the incorrect belief that it came from Turkey. Though turquoise was traded in Turkey, it was imported from other places, mainly Iran and the Sinai Peninsula. The ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and Aztecs prized turquoise, and some Native American tribes consider turquoise a sacred stone that connects earth and heaven.

Turquoise calms the emotions and promotes feelings of peace and well-being. Its purifying properties can aid detoxification and protect against environmental pollution. Turquoise aligns with the throat and heart chakras; therefore, wearing it as a necklace can enhance communication and lessen emotional suffering.

  • Magical Uses: A popular stone for healing spells, turquoise can be worn or carried to encourage emotional and physical well-being. As an amulet, it offers protection against physical, psychic, and environmental harm. As a talisman, it brings good fortune and abundance.
  • Feng Shui Uses: Place a piece of turquoise in the Wealth/Prosperity sector of your home or business to attract fortune. Put it in the Marriage/Relationships sector to encourage harmony and happiness in a romantic partnership. In the Health/Well-Being sector, it draws healing energy and restores energetic balance.
  • Personal/Spiritual Growth: Meditate with turquoise to improve your connection with the spiritual realm. As it strengthens the emotions, turquoise helps you gain confidence and release self-limiting behaviours. It can also reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, enabling you to realise a deeper link with “all that is.”


🕉️ Throat Chakra Necklace ❤️



  • Metals Type: Copper
  • Gemstones: Natural turquoise and Amazonite



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Earlene Parker

Handmade Turquoise and Amazonite Three Layer Necklace

Otto Runolfsson

Beautiful necklace I recommend

Dion Hayes

Handmade Turquoise and Amazonite Three Layer Necklace